ATM Attacks: National problem. Prevent them in Warwickshire

ATM Attacks: National problem. Prevent them in Warwickshire

Thieves are increasingly trying to smash or blast their way into UK cash machines – with the number of attacks slightly increasing over the last four years.


Attempts to steal cash have risen from 400 attacks in 2014 to 723 last year across the UK, according to a report by ATM operator Cardtronics.


However, there are not many identified in Warwickshire. Businesses and the public in Warwickshire are urged to keep an eye on this national trend and take any necessary precautions. We aim to tackle such issues before they are expanding across our County.



Thieves are generally unsuccessful, with 41% of cases resulting in cash being stolen.



“For the first time, we have proof that the wider damage caused by these attacks is far greater than the direct impact to cash machines or the building they are in. ATM attacks are not victimless crimes,”

said Tim Halford, managing director of Cardtronics UK and Ireland.


Incidents highlight an extremely dangerous tactic in targeting ATM machines, which clearly puts members of the public at risk. The techniques used by the people involved in such burglaries are reckless in the extreme and it is only through good fortune that no-one would be hurt.



If you have any suspicions call police on 101.
Alternatively, information can be provided anonymously to the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.
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