Warwickshire businesses urged to get the low down on cyber crime from the comfort of their desks

New online cyber crime training session launches to businesses enabling them to get the latest information on online crime from the comfort of their own desks over lunch.

In response to increasing concerns from the Warwickshire business community around cyber crime, Warwickshire County Council’s Business Crime Advisor is running an online training session for businesses across the County. This will be the first of a number of sessions covering a variety of crime prevention topics.

The session will be delivered on 7th June at 1pm and will cover all of the practical ways in which business can protect themselves from cyber crime and fraud.

The session will look at what to look out for with regards to cyber threats but most importantly will provide businesses with concise practical advice to put into practice. In addition to this, there will also be time for any questions to be asked to make the session as interactive and useful as possible.

The beauty of this session is that it will be done online so there is no need for participants to leave their desks and it is completely free. For interested businesses, all they need to do is email alexcharleswilliams@warwickshire.gov.uk and they will receive instructions to join the training session.

For any businesses who would like to learn more about the work of the Business Crime Advisor or Warwickshire Business Watch, they can visit www.warwickshirebusinesswatch.co.uk or follow Warwickshire Business Watch on twitter @WarksBusiness.

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